Chris + Brook: Sneak Peek

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Chris & Brook on Whidbey Island. It was a magical weekend that gave new meaning to the term D.I.Y. I was blown away by all of the work, planning, and vision that went into this amazing wedding.

Chris-and-Brook-7989 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8036 - CopyChris-and-Brook-8167 - CopyChris-and-Brook-8154 - CopyChris-and-Brook-8129 - CopyChris-and-Brook-8160 - Copy

Chris-and-Brook-8172 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8247 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8259 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8300 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8345 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8369 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8417 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8453 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8467 - Copy Chris-and-Brook-8483 Chris-and-Brook-8497 Chris-and-Brook-8517 Chris-and-Brook-8528Chris-and-Brook-8575 Chris-and-Brook-8663 Chris-and-Brook-8672 Chris-and-Brook-8680 Chris-and-Brook-8805 Chris-and-Brook-8816 Chris-and-Brook-8877 Chris-and-Brook-8909Chris-and-Brook-8914Chris-and-Brook-8884Chris-and-Brook-8917 Chris-and-Brook-8944 Chris-and-Brook-8963 Chris-and-Brook-8994 Chris-and-Brook-9063 Chris-and-Brook-9186 Chris-and-Brook-9204 Chris-and-Brook-9217 Chris-and-Brook-9266 Chris-and-Brook-9305 Chris-and-Brook-9443 Chris-and-Brook-9453 Chris-and-Brook-9456 Chris-and-Brook-9490 Chris-and-Brook-9516 Chris-and-Brook-9519 Chris-and-Brook-9528 Chris-and-Brook-9532 Chris-and-Brook-9557


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