Packages & Rates

– Rates – 

I love weddings, big and small, and I know how much work goes into planning each detail. As a photographer (and a former bride) I believe that my job is to not only document your day, but to stay out of your way, let you be present and enjoy each moment as it comes and goes, and to help you remember each of those moments for years to come. I will be there when I’m needed, and stay out of sight when it matters most. I’ll capture the small moments, the little details, the glances, the whispers, your drunk cousin out on the dance floor. In most cases I will be there from beginning to end, sometimes working for more than 12 hours straight. After your day is over, the rest of my work begins: transferring, sorting, rating, processing and preparing your photos for you and your spouse.

2015 Wedding Rates

Please note: my rates are a reflection of my ‘amateur-professional’ status. I am willing to work with you, within reason, to create a package that meets your needs and budget. I am able to do this because of my experience level.

– Special Projects – 

My pricing is adjusted based on the scope of your project. Please contact me for additional information or to receive a quote based on the specifics of your wedding weekend, non-profit event, out of town event, or courthouse wedding. Don’t be shy, I love to do special projects!

– Contact – 

Questions? Concerns? Want to talk about pricing? I might be willing to wheel and deal. Contact me via email at: erin.schiedler(at)gmail(dot)com, or by phone: 541-815-8259.

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